Last Watch of Hero, Lord Frederic Leighton

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The Last Watch of Hero with predella panel The Death of Leander about 1887 Leighton, Lord Frederic 1830 -1896 Although Hero and Leander lived in rival cities separated by a stretch of sea, the star-crossed lovers conspired to meet every night. Braving the current, Leander swam across the water guided by a lamp that Hero lit in her tower. Tragedy struck after a summer of love when winter winds blew out the lamp. Without this guide, Leander floundered and drowned. Here, even Hero's draped robes convey her torment. Leighton shows her as she begins to fear the worst. His device of the additional predella panel shows Leander dead and hints at how the story ends. Hero will throw herself onto these same rocks and the lovers will be joined in death.

Giclee print on premium silk 240gsm paper
Paper size 600x800mm

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