Retreat from Moscow, Adolphe Yvon

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Marshal Ney Supporting the Rear Guard During the Retreat from Moscow 1856 Adolphe Yvon 1817-1893 Yvon's painting represents the disastrous culmination of Napoleon's Russian invasion of 1812. Having led 450,000 men across the River Niemen he was forced to turn back at Moscow, which had been torched by retreating Russian forces. The central figure is the French hero Marshal Michel Ney who was given command of the army's rear guard. Temperatures below -25°C killed as many as the enemy: by December only 13,000 of the Grand Army remained. Much of the anguish reflected by Romantic art is rooted in the French Revolution and the wars and political unrest which followed.

Giclee print on premium silk 240gsm paper
Paper size 600x800mm

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