Scapegoat, Holman Hunt (Giclee Print)

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The Scapegoat 1854-5 William Holman Hunt 1827-1910 Hunt began this painting on a visit to the Dead Sea. It depicts the scapegoat of the Old Testament and the Talmud, cast out into the wilderness to bear away human sins. To Hunt, this symbol of atonement also represented a 'type' or fore-runner of Christ who would likewise die for the sins of the world. The red ribbon round its head was intended to refer both to rituals in the Talmud and to the crown of thorns Christ would wear. The skeleton of a camel and an ibex tell us the fate that will befall the goat, while the rainbow offers a suggestion of hope. Ford Madox Brown summed up Hunt's achievement in transforming the mundane into the sublime: Hunt's Scapegoat requires to be seen to be believed in. Only then can it be understood how ...out of an old goat, and some saline incrustations, can be made one of the most tragic and impressive works in the annals of art.

Giclee print on premium silk 240gsm paper
Paper size 400x560mm

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